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  • La Bella Vida Condominiums - Exterior
  • La Bella Vida Condominiums - Exterior
  • La Bella Vida Condominiums - Exterior
  • La Bella Vida Condominiums - Exterior

La Bella Vida Apartments

Multi-Family Construction.

Complete interior and exterior renovation of a 20-unit condominium complex into a high-end luxury condominium community.

  • Location:
    Orlando, FL

About This Project

During the renovation of La Bella Vida Apartments, RLH Construction was responsible for a range of tasks related to both the interior and exterior of the building. For the interior renovation, our team updated existing spaces, such as installing new flooring, painting, updating fixtures, and fittings, and upgrading appliances.

We also worked on reconfiguring spaces to create a more open floor plan or to add new rooms to the complex. In addition to this, we ensured that all the updates and upgrades meet the latest safety standards and building codes.

As for the exterior renovation, we worked on updating the building’s facade, which includes installing new siding, painting, and updating any exterior fixtures and fittings such as doors, windows, and lighting. We also worked on landscaping the exterior to enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the complex.

Overall, RLH Construction worked closely with our client to ensure that the renovation project met their specific requirements and specifications while also ensuring that the project was completed on time and within budget. We take pride in delivering high-quality renovation projects that enhance the overall value and appeal of the properties we work on.

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