Testimonial from Alan and Darlene Esola


Dear RLH,
We are owners of a condo in Artisan Park, Celebration and recently took back possession of it from John Galuppo on Wednesday, October 5. We wanted to commend John and his team for taking such good care of our little condo while they were working so hard in our building——number five.

From our first meeting with John in April at our clubhouse, we liked him immediately. We knew he was trustworthy and professional, and most importantly we knew he would keep his word in returning the condo back to us in the same condition in which we left it. We live full-time in California but come frequently to Celebration. It was most important that we could entrust our condo to someone who would respect it and take good care of it once we handed it over to RLH.

We are so grateful to John and his team for being true to their word. It was so comforting to walk through our condo with John as we gave it a thorough checking. Besides his professionalism and great expertise, John is just plain nice, kind and caring. This is what we look for in others, and it certainly stood out with John. These qualities are often rare in the business world, but John’s work ethic truly comes through.

Thank you to all of you and your entire team. We are so very appreciative of the fine job you did in repairing what needed to be done.

Blessings on all of you for your wonderful work ethic.
Warmest regards,
Alan and Darlene Esola
Artisan Park