The Legends at World Golf Village, St Augustine


“Our community, a 15-building, 300-unit condominium, recently completed a major refurbishment project with RLH Construction LLC. The exteriors of the 15 buildings as well as all individual units were involved which translates to 300 owners being inconvenienced. Overall, it was an amazingly smooth experience for our Board of Directors and we cannot say enough positive things about the employees of the remarkable construction firm we chose.

RLH’s level of knowledge with regard to every aspect of our project far exceeded our expectations. The quality of the work and their professionalism was first-rate.

the-legends-at-world-golf-village-2the-legends-at-world-golf-village-3John Galuppo, our RLH Construction supervisor, was on-site each day before any subcontractor or worker arrived, and he was there long after the last one departed. Under his watch, at no time did any of our owners experience rudeness, nor rough language, nor any situation that made anyone uncomfortable.

Would we recommend RLH Construction for your project? Let us give you an example of how confident we are in this company. We recently learned that some of our stand-alone garages (not part of the original refurbishment) were exhibiting the same water damage caused by the same shoddy workmanship discovered in our developer-constructed condo buildings. It never occurred to our Board to put this latest project out for bids. We called RLH Construction to handle this problem, too.”

The Board of Directors
The Legends at World Golf Village